The GA Planning Committee Is NOT The Enemy

I was trying to not get into the GAPC discussion, but it looks like I need to.

As a member of the Planning Committee for the last two years, I really wish those who did not live through what I did would not presume to think you know what the issues involved with two members resigning are–you don’t.

For those of you who don’t know GA process, every year before its September meeting, representatives of the Planning Committee, the Board and the Administration have a meeting called GAMAP–General Assembly and the Mission of the Association Partnership. And last year the GAMAP meeting was devoted ENTIRELY to GA2012. I believe that everything that was discussed at that meeting is available along with the PC minutes.

The Planning Committee met with the Arizona UU Religious Professionals at our  January meeting. Then the Executive Committee of the PC met with the Accountability Group once it was formed.

But if you would like to know why I believe this is in a state of confusion, I’ll tell you.

There are those who seem to view the Planning Committee as an impediment to a “Justice” GA–and we’re not.

It was the PC and the General Assembly and Conference Services staff that brought up the question of how AIWs were going to be handled in a GA that is supposed to have as little business as possible.

It was the PC and GACS staff that has been reminding people of our UU commitment to making all UUA-sanctioned activities accessible to all those that want to attend–including those who have physical disabilities.

It was the PC that was advocating that there be more worships, not less–only to have people telling us that if there was a Service of the Living Tradition that it would be too much business as usual. (this was the final straw for me and why I will not be attending GA in Phoenix–see the post below)

It is the PC that has been advocating for a General Assembly that will help people build capacity when they get back from Phoenix–not just all protest/witness all the time.

The Planning Committee is NOT the enemy in the planning of GA2012. It doesn’t want to be. But it also wants to give people a good experience–and will continue to advocate for that–and not leave a bad taste in Phoenix’s mouth when we leave. We want GA to help in the process of justice-building, not be a detriment.

 (now back to regularly scheduled posts)


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