Which Television Character Is Most In Need Of A Church?

Since I’m writing a paper about a theological question related to a TV show, I thought that this would be a good time to look at whether some characters would act differently—or have a different outlook on life—if they were involved with a church community.

So who really needs a church? Would Walter White be different if he had had a church community? How about Mindy from ‘The Mindy Project’? Any character from ‘The Big Bang Theory’? Could the church survive in the world of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Which show would a church make the biggest difference?



‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’ Theology

So my last post was about ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Dexter’ as they relate to how we UUs engage (or refuse to engage) with popular culture. Now…with the season premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ coming tomorrow, and the popularity of ‘Once Upon A Time’ (so popular it already has a spin-off), it seemed like a good time to look at what these shows might be telling us—if we choose to listen.

I’ve never understood the fascination with zombies—I’ll state that right up front. Vampires I get, but not zombies. What kind of life can zombies lead?

‘Once Upon A Time’ I think most of us can understand. Fairy tales and fables are morality stories that have been with us for as long as humanity has been around.

Those of you who’ve read this blog for a while know that I firmly believe that the congregations that grow are the ones that tell a compelling story AND invite those who come to see themselves in the story (or part of the story).

The first question…what are the stories that “The Walking Dead’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’ are telling that makes these shows popular?

The bigger question…what are the stories that UU congregations are telling?