When You’re Cutting Staff, Spending $100,000 on a “Marriage Counselor” Makes No Sense

Ok friends, here’s the dirty little secret nobody wants to acknowledge in this whole Policy Governance debacle…..

The UUA is NOT in policy governance.

The reason why the UUA is not in policy governance…the President of the UUA is ELECTED, not appointed.

For those of you who know policy governance, you know that what makes it work is the board’s power to hire and/or fire the Chief Executive. It is the cornerstone. Take away that power, policy governance does not work.

Anybody look at the UUA recently? (yes, all sarcasm intended)

The President is elected and does not answer to the board in the traditional sense.  So if one takes out the cornerstone of policy governance and then tries to implement policy governance, chaos ensues.

Anybody look at the UUA recently??

So now the board has taken $100,000 from the endowment to hire a marriage counselor (they are calling it a consultant).

Let me see if I have this straight…there isn’t enough money to keep some really valuable employees…there isn’t enough money to keep the MFC and RSCCs from having backlogs…there isn’t enough money to do some real church planting…but there is enough money to hire a marriage counselor.

Anybody look at the UUA recently???

The UUA Board has sanctioned the spending of $100,000 to hire a consultant to help bridge the divide between the Board and the Administration/Staff.

Well…I can consult them for a whole lot less.


See…much cheaper.

Now can we get about doing God’s business of preaching the gospel of love and not fear; hope and not desolation; faith and not despair?


[special thanks to my friend, L, for calling the consultant a marriage counselor]