Thank You For Spanking Your Child

Now I know by even titling this post that, I have caused you good liberals to go into a tizzy. I’m not talking about child abuse. I’m talking about spanking. And spanking, like any other disciplinary measure, when done right does not cause harm.

Why am I bringing up spanking? Because I saw a child on my last train trip who needed one timely placed swat on the behind. This child’s mother did everything else except spank it, and that child was paying his mother no mind. And in the process was causing havoc in the rail-car that we all were occupying. This is why people need to not be afraid of spanking. Sometimes nothing else works.

For the benefit of yourself, your child and all the rest of us who are going to have to interact with your child at some point–add spanking to the list of disciplinary measures that you have in your parent arsenal. 

And once again…thank you for spanking your child.