Do UUs Think Ushering Is Beneath Them? or Yet Another Black Church Memory

I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago and she mentioned that she was going to have to usher again tomorrow because only one person had signed up. And I’ve noticed that at the church where I’m interning, they are also having a hard time getting people to be ushers. Same for my home church.

I don’t get this. In the black church, at least as I remember it growing up, being an Usher was the thing to be. It was a position of status…you wanted to be an Usher.

With so much talk about growth…why don’t more people who are already here want to be at the doors to greet those who come in? Who knows…maybe the welcome from an Usher will be just the thing someone visiting needs to feel as if there is a place for them in Unitarian Universalism.