To Go To A UU Church on Easter Sunday or Not Go To A UU Church on Easter Sunday…That Is The Question

Lent is my favorite season of the liturgical year. Contemplation and sacrifice work for me.

Last year I needed an Easter sermon. Cancer was visiting the house (not me) and the message of overcoming anything was something I needed to hear. What I got was a sermon about butterflies–a waste of my time.

This year I don’t NEED an Easter sermon. Actually I would prefer a wilderness/Passover sermon. What I don’t want is a sermon about spring coming again; or bunny rabbits; or renewal.

So that makes me question whether I should bother with a UU church for Easter this year. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a good sermon about flowers or butterflies or bunny rabbits or renewal. But not on Easter.

Why do most UU churches have no problem with doing a “Christmas” sermon, but have so many problems with an Easter sermon? What is it in UU-dom that is afraid of the darkness that Lent and Easter (and to a lesser extent Passover) represent?

To go to a UU church or not go to a UU church on Easter Sunday, that is the question.