Off To Maine

Hello all.

I’m leaving for Maine in the morning, so I thought I would let it be known that there will be no new posts until August when I get back to Indiana.

Have a good rest of the summer.

The Sky Is Not Falling, or, It’s Not About The Beer

Plaidshoes over at Everyday Unitarianhas a post about the board of Anheuser-Busch approving the selling of the company to InBev, the Belgian brewer. She expresses the sentiments of many here in St. Louis.

As a native St. Louisian and as someone who has had (and continues to have) family members who work for the brewery, I just thought I would present a different side.

The sky is NOT falling because the corporate structure is changing. The Busches have been and will continue to be a major presence in this town. Their charitable giving will probably not change. Grant’s Farm will still be Grant’s Farm. The Clydesdales will continue to be.

I repeat…..the sky is NOT falling. Because this was not about the beer. There are two major reasons the brewery got bought: 1. The Dollar is down, which made A-B affordable to InBev.  2. (the biggest reason) InBev needed A-B’s U.S. distribution system, which is magnificent.

So for all you A-B drinkers out there, don’t fret. InBev is not going to mess with the recipes of A-B products or the process that A-B has perfected over these 150-odd years. They do not want a New Coke situation.  And please, don’t go Chicken Little on me and believe that the sky is falling. It is not. If the sky were falling, the name of the new company would not be Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Pastoral Spirituality

One of the classes I’m taking this fall is what used to be called Work of the Pastor I, now it is called Pastoral Spirituality. Unlike Work of the Pastor II which deals with the different kind of public ceremonies that a minister would preside over (weddings, funerals, dedications etc.), Pastoral Spirituality deals more with the private life of the minister, or how the minister takes care of themselves.

I thought I would post the booklist for the class. If you’ve read any of these books, I would love to hear your impressions of them.

The Tentmaking Pastor: the Joy of Bivocational Ministry

Bickers, Dennis W.


The Art of Pastoring: Ministry Without All The Answers

Hansen, David


Pastoral Spirituality: a Focus For Ministry

Johnson, Ben Campbell


Clergy Self-Care: Finding a Balance For Effective Ministry

Oswald, Roy


Under the Unpredictable Plant: an Exploration in Vocational Holiness

Peterson, Eugene


My Heart May Be Broken, But My Hair Still Looks Great

Well all.

I’m officially back in St. Louis tomorrow after being gone for almost 4 straight weeks. I never knew I could travel for that long and not pine for the house. That’s a really good feeling.

Anyway……I will be the featured speaker at First Unitarian on July 13th. The title of my sermon is the title of this post, My Heart May Be Broken, But My Hair Still Looks Great. Nice title don’tcha think? So for the next few days I’ll be working on that.

On the school front, I’ve finished the first draft of my memoir piece for my August intensive. 3 pages single spaced. I feel good about it. Now all I have to do is wait for my books to arrive so I can read them on my way to Maine.

I’ll write about being in Ft. Lauderdale and not attending GA when I get the chance.

Have a good and safe holiday weekend.

Leaving…..On That Midnight Train To Georgia…….

St. Louis really. But I’m on the second third of my three-leg trip back to St. Louis. For this segment the route is from Washington DC to Chicago. 18+ hours. Hopefully I’ll have a seat to myself for most of the trip.

Anyway…..Ft. Lauderdale was wonderful…….with the added bonus that I got to see most of the people I wanted to see and didn’t have to cross the line (or show my ID) to do it. The beach was grand. The pool was lovely. And the company made it all worthwhile.

Once I get back to St. Louis I have to prepare for my service on the 13th and then for my trip to Maine on either the 16th or 17th, just depends on which date comes out cheaper on Amtrak.

More when I get back to St. Louis.