Tyler Perry, George Lucas and Why Everyone Should See ‘Red Tails’ This Weekend

It takes a lot to get me to go to a movie theatre; other than going to see the 3D version of ‘The Lion King’ the last movie I saw in theatre was ‘Up In The Air’. With that said, I think every single person who can should go see ‘Red Tails’ this weekend.


Because, if the story is true, the major Hollywood studios didn’t want to partner with George Lucas to get the film made. Their reasoning being that an all-black cast limits the audience.

Which brings me to Tyler Perry. Now, I haven’t seen a movie of his in theatre since ‘Diary Of A Mad Black Woman’; but I have been told that his movies always have a mixed-race audience. And they make money. With majority-minority casts.

So why didn’t the studios want to go in on ‘Red Tails’? Is it because Denzel Washington or Will Smith aren’t in it (even though Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard are)? Are the Tuskegee Airmen not a worthy subject? (everything else about WWII seems to be, but I could be wrong)

Or is it because, as George Lucas posits, that white heroes aren’t the focus?

I have no idea what the answer is. But I do encourage you to go see ‘Red Tails’ this weekend…if for no other reason than to support the telling of more of the stories of WWII from those whose stories haven’t been told enough. Plus…it’s a pretty good action film (even if the dialogue is a bit spotty).


4 thoughts on “Tyler Perry, George Lucas and Why Everyone Should See ‘Red Tails’ This Weekend

  1. George Lucas is a talented director, but he’s no Tyler Perry.

    Is there gore in this movie? I seldom see movies not designed to make me laugh specifically because I am too disturbed by visually-presented violence.

  2. John,

    It’s about pilots, so I doubt there will be any “somebody getting stabbed”-style gore. But I’m sure some planes will get shot down.

    Old school war movies generally aren’t my sort of thing, but this post makes me want to go see it. Thanks.

  3. John…
    One person dies in the movie, other than the German fighters–who we don’t really see.

    And you’re right, George Lucas is no Tyler Perry. But I’ll reverse it and say that Tyler Perry is no George Lucas either.

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