Don’t Front…..You Send Your Children To A “Segregation Academy” Too

… just use different words to describe it.

It’s Election Day in Mississippi today. And a lot of people outside of Mississippi are caught up in the news of Cindy Hyde-Smith. First, there’s the video where she talks about sitting front row at a public hanging. Then there’s the tape of her talking about how things would be better if the vote of certain students could be suppressed (for those of you who don’t know which students she was talking about, she was talking about students at Jackson State and Alcorn State–historically Black colleges). Finally came the news that not only had Hyde-Smith attended a segregation academy, but that she sent her daughter to one as well.

It is the reaction to the last one that bothers me. (the reaction to the other two just exasperate me). Why, you ask?

Because most white children go to segregation academies, whether they are formal or informal. Public or private.

New York City has the most segregated schools in the nation. Not Mississippi.

Of the top 10 most segregated school systems in the country, at least 7 of them are in the North.

So, before you decide to form words to condemn Cindy Hyde-Smith and her segregation academy experience, look at the schools YOUR children go to. I can almost guarantee, they aren’t much different.

One thought on “Don’t Front…..You Send Your Children To A “Segregation Academy” Too

  1. We live in San Francisco, where all public schools are open to all students instead of being sorted by neighborhood, and de facto segregation is still true to some extent. Also, African-Americans have been driven out of the city altogether by economic policies. If SF really wants desegregated schools, it will have to have racial mix as a requirement balancing out the huge amount of self-selection parents are able to exert.

    But it is a lot better than NYC because of this citywide lottery approach, and so it really pisses me off to hear Mayor DeBlasio say that schools are segregated because “We cannot change the basic reality of housing in New York City.” He must know that there are cities that do NOT determine kids’ schools by neighborhood.

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