Black Panther Theology Syllabus pt. 2

The syllabus is live!

The non-theological portions of it anyway. The theology sections will come up as I get them vetted.

And I am open to suggestions, so if there are books that you feel should be on the syllabus, drop me a line.


2 thoughts on “Black Panther Theology Syllabus pt. 2

    • Have you read the first post on this? From this comment it doesn’t seem like you have.

      If you will notice, this Black Panther Theology syllabus is specifically related to the Marvel Comics Universe movie “Black Panther”. While the comics Black Panther and the Black Panther Party have many connections, they are not the same. And, the Black Panther Party has had many people far smarter than me looking teaching and writing about it for quite a while now.

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