For the Love of God, Please Stop Telling Me the Parkland Students “Get It”

The officers who murdered Alton Sterling will never be charged with taking his life. The Louisiana Attorney General announced this just a little while ago.

Stephon Clark was killed by officers who did not identify themselves, IN HIS OWN BACKYARD.

Decynthia Clements was killed by police on the side of I-90 not far outside of Chicago on March 12th.

Danny Ray Thomas was killed by Houston police March 22nd.

Police violence is gun violence.

That was not talked about at any march on Saturday (that I know of).

Yes, those Parkland students who have been getting airtime seem to understand that gun violence is not just about school shootings. Yes, those Parkland students “shared the stage” with youth of color on Saturday. (as if this was some magnanimous gesture. if I had it in me I would write a post about how the presence of youth of color at the marches has been described)  Yes, you good white people are falling all over yourselves about Naomi Wadler and Yolanda Renee King saying how inspiring they were.

But will you be at the march to protest the next police killing of a person of color?

Whether the Parkland kids get it or not, the real question is why you good white people didn’t get it before now. And whether you will get it tomorrow when the people who are killed don’t look like you.

Y’all are exhausting.


One thought on “For the Love of God, Please Stop Telling Me the Parkland Students “Get It”

  1. Yep, not a lot to be gained by telling black folks. The people who need to be pointed to these students’ insistence on bringing up police violence and turning the conversation towards the experience of black people are white people. We white people need models of what it means to support the struggles of the black community, what it looks like to use well the privilege we are unjustly handed, and some of the Parkland survivors have been those models. Judging from the signs at the march in my city (I didn’t go to the rally) we need them–there weren’t a lot drawing the connection between police violence and other gun violence.

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