When You Can’t Call For Help

I’m housesitting for some friends not too far from my house. No big deal.

Except that it is.

If something goes wrong, I can’t prove that I have cause to be in the house. So I can’t call for help.

Lest you think I’m being overly paranoid, just sit and think about the fact that two women have died at the hands of police after calling them for help in the past month; Charleena Lyles in Seattle and Justine Damon in Minneapolis.

At the end of GA, after word of two UUA staff members being attacked had spread, a group of us were talking about what had happened. When I said that if something happened to me, I wouldn’t call 9-1-1 because I couldn’t be sure that I would actually get help, one friend didn’t want to believe me. I kept giving examples of why I wouldn’t call for help yet by the end of the conversation, this one friend still didn’t want to believe me. Maybe they’ll believe me now.

I don’t expect anything to go wrong while I’m housesitting. But if something does, I’ll call my friends who live not far from where I’m staying, not 9-1-1. Because, frankly, I want to live.




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