Why I’m Not At the MidAmerica Region Annual Assembly

I love Chicago.  I have family there that I’m normally always looking for a way to be with. And I have friends that I don’t see nearly enough. So when I first saw that Regional Assembly was going to be in Chicagoland, my first thought was how I could work my schedule out so that I would be in Chicago this weekend. Then I started to really think about it.

Regional Assembly is in Oak Brook, a higher brow suburb. Got a great mall, but I never feel comfortable there. So I was less inclined to change my schedule around.

Then the last seven weeks happened. And I’ve learned that my patience is mostly gone. The reason this is a problem is I’m well-known enough in the region that I would have been ambushed by well-meaning white people. It would have been unintentional, but it still would have been an ambush. And it’s been a really hard seven weeks for UUs of color. Hence, I made the decision to not go to the Regional Assembly.

And it seems as if this was the right decision. A dear friend sends me a message from the UU Multiracial Unity Caucus saying that things were going well until somebody called BLUU “separatists” and another person said that DRUUMM was causing harm. It would not have been good for anybody for me to be in that room when those words were said.

In a couple hours, I will be back in my bed in St. Louis. It will be good to be back there. Maybe after a nice sleep I’ll write about the separatist remark, but then again, maybe I won’t. Everything does not deserve a response


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