UUs…We Don’t Need Another “National Conversation On Race”

So the Commission on Social Witness announced that one of the four proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues that will be voted on at General Assembly in June is “A National Conversation On Race”.

oh Sweet Creole Jesus! Not again!

Listen up my white liberal friends. America needs another “national conversation on race” about as much as the country needs to start another military conflict in the Near East. What America needs to have is a conversation about WHITE SUPREMACY.

American religious groups (including liberal ones, and especially Unitarianism and Universalism) need to have a conversation about how they, for most of their history in this country, have propped up WHITE SUPREMACY. American religious groups need to have a conversation about how they going to use their theologies in order to dismantle WHITE SUPREMACY.

Having a “national conversation on race” continues to place the onus of change on those have been oppressed by state power and does nothing about the system of WHITE SUPREMACY that will stay in place after that national conversation is over.

One last thing….please, for the love of God and all that is holy, do not post comments/email me/call me/text me/etc. saying that race is more than black and white or that race is a social construct. I am so done with that white liberal/progressive bullsh*t that I don’t know how to tell you how tired of it I am.  So just don’t.


6 thoughts on “UUs…We Don’t Need Another “National Conversation On Race”

  1. Until we (meaning white people) are ready to talk openly and with real repentance about our history in a country founded on slavery and genocide, I can’t see how we’re going to confront the present reality of white supremacy honestly. And as you have often and rightly pointed out, UUs specifically need to stop pretending that Theodore Parker and James Reeb are all we need to know about our own history. But how to make any of that happen, I have no idea.

  2. But, but…we’re the good whites! Unfortunately, too many well-meaning whites think that saying you are anti-racist makes you anti-racist. Toppling the white power structure seems a bit too messy and confusing and scary. “White folks educating other white folks on why and how to dismantle the structures that prop up power and privilege for white folks” is the study action issue we need. Time for white folks to do their work!

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