Any Interest In A #BlackLivesMatter Shadow GA?

Hello all.

Since GA programming too often can’t address pressing issues (for any number of reasons) AND since GA is going to a city that has a history of bad policing practice [is Portland still under a consent decree?]…..

Is there any interest in a shadow GA focused on #BlackLivesMatter?

6 thoughts on “Any Interest In A #BlackLivesMatter Shadow GA?

  1. Interesting idea. I would have to understand a bit more about what you are talking about – Competing workshops? Action? One day? All days? I am definitely intrigued by the idea.

    • Hi Dawn.

      I’m thinking that a Shadow GA would only compete with Plenary Sessions; half of GA attendees are non-delegates. If things work out, that would mean programming on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

      • I like the idea, and I see tons of value in it.

        And I have a pragmatic streak that makes me wonder if, at this relatively late date, we could pull something off that would be effective. It seems like it would need an enormous number of volunteer hours to make happen.

      • hi again.
        there has already been some work behind-the-scenes. the upside of this GA being in Portland is that there are already some religious groups on the ground (not UU) who can help.
        it’s not as late as you think. when the focus is as specific as this would be, what can come together in a short period of time is more specific.

  2. Given Oregon’s racial history, it would make sense for some sort of public acknowledgement during plenary:

    Oregon’s Hidden History Exposed

    This idea would not interfere with any shadow GA proposals. But it would be informative for the GA delegates to know why the state of Oregon is less than 2% black today and Portland OR is less than 7% black today.

    Plenty of Americans don’t know about the history of racial discrimination outside the American South (sundown towns, etc) and I bet this is especially true for religious liberals in Portland today.

    One of the contributing factors for the incidedents at the 2005 GA in Ft. Worth was hosting a youth and young adult of color leadership conference at a Dallas TX area UU church located in a sundown community that wasn’t welcoming (University Park TX and Highland Park TX both have long histories as sundown towns). If we are planning to have GA in a state with Oregon’s racial history, then we should be ready for similar problems. That’s something for the GA planning committee to think about.

    • GA has been to Portland before, and I don’t remember GA in 2007 having the incidents that GA 2005 (Ft. Worth) had.

      I’m not particularly worried about whether there is acknowledgement in Plenary.

      The Planning Committee takes many things into consideration when choosing future sites. None of the 48 continental states have good racial histories, so if we were only going to go places that did, there would never be a GA.

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