UUs, Do Me A Favor….Stop Quoting Martin Luther King Jr.

I get it. I really do. King has been neutered to the point that he’s palatable to most white audiences.

But…in all honesty…another last thing I want/need is to hear white people telling me that nonviolence is the answer to this.

If you want to talk about race in America, stop using King to do it. He’s not all the helpful in the present situation.

James Baldwin works though. Or Malcolm X. Langston Hughes even.

Or maybe Toni Morrison. Audre Lorde. Tricia Rose.

If you’re looking for those who are writing about it in a more explicitly religious way….how about James Cone? Katie Geneva Cannon? Delores Williams?

And if you’re looking for somebody in the UU realm…may I introduce you to Anthony Pinn?

Now is not the time to be lazy. There are better options out there than King. Or is the reason you choose King because he is dead and neutered?


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