Are We Trying To “Heal” Too Soon? (#Ferguson)

I know that as a minister I’m supposed to be all about healing (and hope and reconciliation and forgiveness and the like). Yet over the last few days hearing all this talk of “we need to start the healing process” has unnerved me as much as the death of Michael Brown has.

Too often in the U.S., black people and black communities are asked to start the healing (or reconciliation or forgiveness) process before our slaughtered are even buried. (and Michael Brown doesn’t get buried until tomorrow)

So what do these calls for “healing”, especially when it comes to Ferguson, mean? How long should a community have to grieve before there are calls for “healing”. And what does this “healing” look like?

4 black men have died at the hands of agents of the state in 4 weeks.

Eric Garner.

John Crawford.

Michael Brown, Jr.

Ezell Ford.

How can a community heal when a knife is stuck in their back 10 inches, brought back out, and then plunged in again?


5 thoughts on “Are We Trying To “Heal” Too Soon? (#Ferguson)

  1. I started to thank you for this yesterday, as it was a thought already on my mind, but I didnt. Today, the thought in my head came clear: It’s not healing to pull the scab off a fresh wound.

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    • How would Officer Wilson be the victim?

      Now…I don’t think that Officer Wilson is evil. I think he made a mistake.

      I do feel for his family. They, like Mike Brown’s family, will never be the same.

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