A Second Step In Not Being An Ostrich? Stop Talking About “Black-on-Black Crime”. It’s A Distraction. (#Ferguson)

Why is it that crimes committed by black people against each other got a name?

Have you ever heard the term “white-on-white crime”? Nope.

Have you heard of “Latino-on-Latino crime”? Doubt it.

“Asian-on-Asian crime”? hmmmm.

Reality is that most crime is INTRA-group. But only “black-on-black crime” got a name. There’s a reason for that. It’s to make it look like we are more violent and less caring about crimes in our communities. It’s to distract people from whatever issue people are really talking about (in this case, state action against an unarmed black person).

So a second step to not being an ostrich? Don’t fall for the distractions. Until “white-on-white crime” is talked about the same way as “black-on-black crime”, stop talking about “black-on-black crime”.


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