I Got 99 Problems, And UUism Is All Of Them (Starr King but Not Starr King)

[yes, I was listening to Jay-Z earlier]

I wonder how much of the consternation/craziness that has come to pass in the time since the announcement of  Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt being selected as the next President of Starr King has to do with the fact that the 3 final candidates for the presidency are all ministers.

Here’s the question (or part of it)…What if the person who had gotten selected had been a non-minister? So instead of Rev. McNatt being chosen, the person who was chosen was Anthony Pinn. (if you don’t know who Anthony Pinn is, email me and we’ll talk)

Would there be the same call for the academic search process to more resemble the pastoral search process if the final result had produced a non-minister academic rather than an academic minister?

While people are ruminating over the situation that is going on at Starr King I think it would behoove people to remember that Starr King is an ACADEMIC INSTITUTION, not a congregation. And once we remember that, it is time to ask ourselves the question of whether we are trying to equate the President of Starr King with a minister because thinking of them as an academic means that we have to think of ourselves differently.

More tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “I Got 99 Problems, And UUism Is All Of Them (Starr King but Not Starr King)

  1. Hmmm… what would be the field of this academic? Admittedly, the scholars who rise to this level have usually pretty much left scholarship behind, but what it was does matter. The most disastrous decision in Unitarian ministerial preparation was Charles William Eliot’s decision to de-denominalize Harvard Divinity School. And why? Because, as a chemist, he thought there was an objective set of facts and dynamics to which any scholar was accountable. Totally the opposite of religion, in which the central fact is that some mysteries cannot be solved. If SKSM had, for instance, a president from the social sciences, what would happen to theology and liturgical preparation?

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