Nothing New To See Here…America Has Always Used Black Bodies To Make Money and Despised Them At The Same Time

I think I need to point something out to my white liberal friends.

When it comes to the ideas of Cliven Bundy or Donald Sterling…there is nothing new to see here. America is America because of the labor of black bodies that have been used, abused, and despised all at the same time.

But here’s the dirty little secret nobody really wants to deal with…white liberals aided and abetted this. From the time of slavery, where Northern factories made products whose raw materials were worked by slave hands and banks that made money off of slavery and all things associated with it; to now with the prison industrial complex and move to privatize elementary and secondary education, America is constantly creative in its ways to make money off of the fear of, and the talent of, black bodies.

Don’t get me wrong…I know things have changed, at least on the individual level. That means nothing when the system is set up so that black and brown children are suspended from preschool for “offenses” that white children only get a reprimand for. It means nothing when black and brown families with good credit scores were pushed into sub-prime loans for homes when white families were put into prime loans.

There is nothing new to see here friends. Let me know when that changes.


5 thoughts on “Nothing New To See Here…America Has Always Used Black Bodies To Make Money and Despised Them At The Same Time

  1. This is such an important post, Kim. It is especially for UUs to consider the role of slave profiteering in maintaining — from much earlier than I had realized — the Congregational/Unitarian academic institutions whose “standards” we uphold as fundamental to our “learned ministry” identity. Universalists might not have been abolitionists, but they also ordained leadership clergy who had no slave-funded academic credentials.

    • Have you finished reading “Ebony and Ivy”? I know between wedding prep and general care-taking responsibilities the reading probably has been slow going, but I would love to hear what you think about it.

      • Hi, Kim, so sorry to be slow on this, but you clearly anticipated my reasons for delay. First let me say my fiancee has really improved by leaps and bounds due to the physical therapy, so thanks.

        Ebony and Ivy changed my life. I have recommended it constantly and am currently trying to get more UUs to pay more attention to it as they rethink our ministerial preparation process and the survival of our divinity schools.

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