The UUA Homepage Has No Offical Statement About the Jordan Davis Trial Verdict, But Plenty About the New Logo (A Response to Tom Schade)


You describe the chatter around the new UUA logo and its roll-out as painful. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t; that’s an individual matter of taste.

You also wonder about why more UUs aren’t talking about things like Moral Mondays/the Moral March.

May I politely point out that the UUA homepage mentions nothing about the fact that 1,500 UUs were in Raleigh for the Moral March, but has plenty to say about the new logo and the UUA’s new (yet old) attempt at branding?

Should I point out that it was Saturday night that the verdict in the Jordan Davis murder trial came down, and yet there is STILL no official response from the UUA (while many other religious groups have said something) but the UUA homepage has plenty to say about the logo?

You want more UUs to talk about the “things that matter.” May I suggest that the UUA do the same?

What’s the old saying…..if you do the same thing the same way, don’t expect a different result. The UUA’s treatment of the new logo and its roll-out being more newsworthy/homepage-worthy than 1,500 UUs in Raleigh or a statement about the Jordan Davis murder trial verdict seems to be par-for-the-course to me.

There is nothing new here, Tom. The UUA is more interested in style than substance. Is it any surprise that there was going to be more written about the new logo/UUA branding effort(s) than about the Moral March or Jordan Davis or #neverlovedus?

When the UUA changes its focus, then the focus of many UU bloggers will probably follow.



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