Who Is the UUA Marketing To?

And don’t give me the “millennial” line. That tells me nothing. “Millennial” is too broad a term; especially when talking about the religious impulse.

So, what “millennial”? The Daft Punk millennial? The Kendrick Lamar millennial? The Romeo Santos millennial? These may or may not be the same millennial.

And what about those who fall slightly outside of the millennial age range? What message is being sent to them?

The traditional UU market is diminishing. So if you plan on marketing to a diminishing market, expect diminishing returns.

Once again…who is the UUA marketing (or planning on marketing) to?

2 thoughts on “Who Is the UUA Marketing To?

  1. Great questions. The whole theory of generational cohorts is fairly problematic to begin with. And you’ve got a good point when you say the traditional UU market is diminishing — especially since the traditional UU market is upper middle class white people, and one thing we can say for certain about “Millennials” is that they are less white and less wealthy than previous generations. So yeah — who is the UUA marketing to?

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