A Question for the ‘Movementarians’

How long do you plan on sticking around?

The reason Rev. Barber was able to issue the call out for the march on Saturday was because he was part of an ORGANIZATION that has not moved from its core mission since its founding more than 100+ years ago: the NAACP.

Can we say the same about Unitarian Universalism? Can we even say what the core mission of Unitarian Universalism is?

Has the core mission of Unitarian Universalism been articulated to the growing majority in the country in a way that is relevant to them?

As I said in my last post, movements need a positive message. What is UUism’s?


5 thoughts on “A Question for the ‘Movementarians’

    • I’m not saying that one has to stay within our congregations.
      I am saying that one needs to have a positive message that can translate (or be listened to) when talking to those that have, for a number of generations, been systematically ignored by the UUA and its parent institutions.

  1. Shane, the flaw with that is that it’s you, you, you, you. It enshrines and idolizes the culture’s hyper-individualism.

    That is only a part of UUism.

    Universalism always said we were in this together (and were saved; whatever that may mean to us in context, now). Unitarianism insisted that we were supposed to be bound together for our own good and the greater good.

    We need to greatly enhance the *free* and *chosen* bonds between our congregations, not to fabricate a new denominationalism that empowers a central authority, but so that we can act like a movement, when the times call and the spirit moves us. Together. And practicing and working at being yoked together will permit us to work with others who are not so much like us, but allies and companions in the struggle for liberation.

  2. Trust me, I rail against hyperindividualism in our culture just as much as anyone but remember and totally see your point. I agree with much of what you say.

    The reason that this phrase works for me is that “you” is one of those weird words in the English language that has two meanings- it is both singular and plural. (Except in the south, where Y’all is perfectly acceptable). And we need both things in our movement.

    Individual transformation saves lives. It saves the lives of LGBTQ youth, of addicts, and abuse victims. The interlocking systems of oppression are not going to go away overnight, and while we need to fight these systems as communities, a movement, and as a society, we need to have room to offer salvation to individuals hurt by those oppressive systems.

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