Innovation Is A Class and Race Issue

I’m going to own this up front…I’m not thrilled about the UUA’s move from Beacon St. to the “innovation” district. And as I’ve thought about why, it came to me…this is a superficial move in order to maintain the status quo.

Why do I think the move to the “innovation” district is superficial? Mainly because I think it plays into the thinking, in some UU circles, that somehow by osmosis just being around “innovators” is going to magically change how UUs do church and by some miracle that will bring in all those spiritual-but-not-religious millennials.

But I also am hearing a bias that may not be there, because when I hear the some version of the word “innovate” being bandied about in UU circles I think it is a code for “let’s reach out to those highly educated young people who haven’t yet chosen to stay in and read the digital version of the New York Times on Sunday morning.”

So I hear a class (and to a lesser extent, race) bias when we are talking about innovation. Because in many ways innovation is a luxury. For huge swaths of the population, all they can think about is survival.

What’s our gospel to those who don’t have the luxury to innovate or whose innovation is surviving against incredible odds?

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