Why Everybody Should Watch “Scandal” Episode ‘The Other Woman’ BEFORE The US Takes Military Action In Syria

Have chemical weapons been used in the Syrian civil war? If they have, who used them? If not, why is there a force that wants people to believe that they have been?

Before this country goes down the road of warmongering once again, I think it would benefit everybody to watch episode 2 of season 2 of “Scandal”, ‘The Other Woman’.

Pay no attention to the main storyline of the episode. However, the secondary story is about an attack that happens in “East Sudan” and whether that attack happened or not. The storyline also talks about how intelligence is gathered and who gets listened to when that intelligence gets analyzed.

Before the US takes military action in Syria, the question of who would benefit from such action needs to be raised, loudly.


2 thoughts on “Why Everybody Should Watch “Scandal” Episode ‘The Other Woman’ BEFORE The US Takes Military Action In Syria

  1. Olivia Pope’s past. We want to know how Olivia transitioned from the the White House to starting OPA, there’s so much story there we want to know.Olitz. There’s only so much back and forth fans can take and they may have reached their limit. It’s time to either move Olivia and Fitz forward as a couple…or let it go for good.Revamp Jake’s story. As much as we love actor Scott Foley, Jake’s role last season was just creepy. Was he Olivia’s charming rebound guy? Was he an obsessed stalker? And all of it on Fitz’s payroll! At best, the whole thing was just weird. If Jake is sticking around for season 3 (and gets out of that box) he needs a new direction, fast.A Presidential Divorce. Ending their marriage while Fitz is still in office could make for an outstanding storyline which would entangle Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus, and Olivia for months… and give Olitz fans the hope they’ve been craving.OPA players backstory. We’ve gotten a good glimpse at Huck’s past but what about Harrison and Abby. There’s so much story that we want to see.David Rosen & OPA. We didn’t have any clue David Rosen would end up where he did last season but we loved his interactions with OPA and we want more.

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