Let’s Talk ‘Scandal’…..Question #1…What Is Mellie’s End Game?

I am fascinated by the phenomenon that is ‘Scandal’; primarily on the excitement about and around the show. So this post is the first in a series about the show that will pose a question that is rattling around my mind. I’ve watched 5 episodes of the show—1 episode in season one, 4 in season two, but the questions aren’t about storyline.

I’m confounded by Mellie. She participated in the Defiance cabal. She tried to make it so that Fitz would not trust (if not completely get rid of) his entire inner circle. She sanctions/ed the relationship between Fitz and Olivia. (sanction might be too strong, but it’s mighty close), at least tacitly. Yet, in “A Woman Scorned”, Mellie goes on national television and announces that Fitz has been having an affair.

Granted, in “White Hats Back On” Fitz goes back to Mellie, but the reason Fitz goes back to her is Olivia chooses the OPA team.

So…what’s Mellie’s end game?

But that might be the wrong question. This might be the bigger question…does Mellie love Fitz?





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