One Year Ago Today Trayvon Martin Was Killed…..

…..while walking home carrying a bag of Skittles and iced tea. I haven’t thought about anything the same way since. That includes Unitarian Universalism.

For years I thought it was odd that many of the conversations in the UU-universe were centered around how to reach out to marginalized people. Yet time after time, situation after situation would present itself as an opening into communities that UUism had traditionally ignored and time after time, UUs would run the opposite way. Is it really any wonder why UUism hasn’t made inroads into marginalized communities when you don’t speak to the issues that concern those communities?

So where does that leave me? I have no idea. But as I have for the second year in a row given up Unitarian Universalism for Lent, maybe I’ll have some answers come Easter.

One thought on “One Year Ago Today Trayvon Martin Was Killed…..

  1. Hi Kim. I haven’t any answers to your question, or for mine either. UUism certainly only satisfies part of my soul. Presumably, it tries and our UU training tries, to provide us with tools to deal with whatever issues are important to us, but that is flawed. The flaw is either in the tools or in me or in my use of the tools…… I can’t answer for the longings of any of us…This is very appropriate for Lent though! PS….. I have newly adopted a rescued dog, with a horrible history, a horrible fear of people, and an adorable cheerfulness. I love her already. She must be bringing lessons.

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