How We Look at Slain Children in Connecticut…How We Look at Slain Children in Chicago

Pay attention to the media coverage of the tragic shooting in Connecticut.

Then imagine what the media coverage would sound like if this shooting had happened on the South- or West- side of Chicago.

When the conversation about guns begins (if it ever does), that conversation needs to include a tangent on whose children matter.


7 thoughts on “How We Look at Slain Children in Connecticut…How We Look at Slain Children in Chicago

  1. Well said Kim.

    I am paying attention to these words of UUA President Morales –

    “We must rededicate ourselves to creating a society where differences are resolved without violence, where the mentally unstable do not have ready access to lethal force, where violence is not glorified, and where we can live, love, and work in safe places. Our task as a religious people committed to compassion and to peace is to show a better way.”

    And take note of how he and his UUA administration has repeatedly, indeed quite continuously, refused to live up to many of them. . .

  2. Basic Black devoted its prgram last night to this problem…. and left me feeling that no one knows “the answers”. Of course gun control is important…. if for no other reason than to take away people’s idea that an answer to their unhappiness is at hand in violence. Of course, greater sensitivity to dangerous thinking, and emotional instability, etc., is important. Of course, universal training in solving one-on-one problems is important…. but those shootings are different ones with different solutions. Finally, I wish every Christmas sermon would include reference to the slaughter of the innocents, and the tragedy of fear based violence… we gloss over that part of that story but it’s the one we need to consider. It was a whopper. And continues to be.

    • Hi Bunny!
      In one of my conversations with some seminarians that I know, one of them said that one of the prayers they said after they heard about Newtown was “thank you” that the slaughter of the innocents was not in the lectionary passages for this week.

      I had been thinking about that passage before all this happened for a different reason, but now see that it is really the story that ought to be preached this weekend. ah…if only I had a pulpit.

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  4. happy new year…because of a link you gave, I searched and found what I was looking for. Thanks for the post and link. Mike Beek

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