How many UU churches mentioned Jordan Russell Davis or Kasandra Perkins this morning?


When Your Religious Group Is Comprised Mostly of Upper Middle Class Educated Whites, Your Religious Group Has A Thin Theology (and UUism Is Not Alone)

All due respect to those who are trying to argue the other side, but can we be a little bit honest with ourselves.

If UUism doesn’t have a thin theology, why isn’t there a UU congregation in Southeast Washington, D.C.? Joplin, Missouri? Within 50 miles of Philadelphia, Mississippi? Within 100 miles of Dodge City, Kansas?

If UUism doesn’t have a thin theology, why do a number of  UU-raised youth who leave the church end up in other churches?

If UUism doesn’t have a thin theology, why are so many UU churches really just revolving doors?

Thin theology is not just about what is preached from the pulpit. It is about how a church reacts and interacts with the community around it. And, let’s keep it real, for too long the only community that mattered to most UU churches was the community of upper middle class, educated whites. If the community around the UU church changed, the UU church moved so it wouldn’t have to change/adapt.

Most UU theology is thin because it is still race, class, culture, and education bound. And it will continue to be thin (and small) until it recognizes the “inherent worth and dignity” of those who don’t fit its traditional demographic.


Coda: UUism isn’t alone in this. I think a major reason for the decline of the mainline Protestant denominations can be attributed to the same phenomena.