Are Black People Ever Not-Threatening?…Thinking About The Apology To Trayvon Martin’s Family

At his bond hearing yesterday, George Zimmerman—in his apology to Trayvon Martin’s parents—said, “I did not know how old he was. I thought he was a bit younger than I am, and  I did not know if he was armed or not.”

Ok…let’s imagine the situation wherein Trayvon has more than his bag of Skittles and Arizona Tea. Nothing else in the situation changes. Have you imagined it? Now here’s the question:

So what?

Because it seems as if Trayvon was in the ultimate catch-22—in reality he was unarmed, walking down the street, and deemed suspicious. Yet had Trayvon had anything that could have been perceived as a weapon he would have been deemed suspicious. No matter what, on Feb. 26th, Trayvon was going to be deemed suspicious.

Is there ever a point in which a black person—primarily men—is NOT a threat or suspicious when walking down the street?


2 thoughts on “Are Black People Ever Not-Threatening?…Thinking About The Apology To Trayvon Martin’s Family

  1. I have a daughter and I am standing in the playground where went to school. She is mixed, though that’s not important. She was safe here. She liked the school. She was happy here. She’s grown up since her first days when we walked away and left her in the care of other people. I’m hurt because she is grown mentally and I see that she will be a part of a new world that is changing. The Trayvon story is important because she lives in a safe place. I’ve seen the other side of life and this killing of a black son made me think about the hell that’s in the world. I deal with some hell here though too. I say that I’m tough though..I can’t be with her all the time, I want to be daddy and make everything ok. I see that I’m going continue to call on the strenght of my ancestors to guide me. I am standing on the ground brave heart.. I see the hell though I see me standing on the ground brave walking thru this fire.. I will believe in that and send that power to her and my Grandchildren. I don’t care what hell is trying to do. This is what I must do. Lord I’m looking up to you help heal the pain that is in this world protect these youngin’s.. It’s starting to rain here. God make it right..Your children need you. I’m still standing here. I need you too.

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