Ann Romney, Hilary Rosen and the Question That Needs To Be Asked

In watching the analysis of the Hilary Rosen-Ann Romney matter, I was trying to figure out why what neither side was saying resonated with me. So I ask this question: doesn’t this whole conversation leave out a large minority of women (if not the majority of women)—namely lower-income women and/or women of color?

In other words…isn’t this really an argument between June Clever and Murphy Brown which leaves out Roseanne and Julia (I am assuming you remember all of the shows these characters are from)?


3 thoughts on “Ann Romney, Hilary Rosen and the Question That Needs To Be Asked

  1. Exactly so! The Obama’s didn’t have Romney’s money, but neither were they poor; Barack was earning $162,000 when Michelle went back to work to help out- and she landed a job making $350,000. Not millions, but neither is it minimum wage and food stamps.

  2. The whole conversation was about Mitt saying that for advice on the struggles of women, he turned to his wife, who “reports to me” what women care about. Hillary Rosen’s underlying point, that Ann Romney probably knew nothing of the struggles of most women, pretty much aligns with yours, though she chose a way of making it that set off a huge debate.

  3. I’m responding late, only just now found your post. You nailed it Kim. LOVE the Cleaver/Brown analogy and the Rosanne/Julia juxtaposition. We all missed the chance to talk about something broader & deeper in the Rosen/Romney episode. Please email me about your studies. Thanks, DRR

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