“To Be Crying For a Black Man Was So Taboo”…Tom Robinson and Trayvon Martin

So I DVR’ed “Harper Lee: Hey Boo” Monday night and watched it late last night. A little over an hour into the show, Diane McWhorter (author of Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama The Climatic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution) talks about being upset that Tom Robinson was not going to be found not guilty and then getting upset about being upset. At the end of her little segment she says “to be crying for a black man was so taboo…” Her saying that brought to mind an article I read on the Sojourners website with the title “SBC’s Richard Land Says Obama,  Jackson, Sharpton ‘Exploiting’ Trayvon Martin’s Death” and the news of a Pew survey that many whites are tired of the coverage of the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have issues with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and take breaks from the coverage, but why is the call for justice for Trayvon Martin somehow exploitive yet when people were calling for justice for Caylee Anthony somehow that’s not exploitive?  

Wasn’t Harper Lee perceptive? Just how far have we come from the time that To Kill A Mockingbird is set? From the time that it was published? Is is still a taboo for be crying for a black man? If so, why?


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