Little Trayvons Everyday

Trayvon Martin was killed with a bullet because he looked “suspicious”. But let’s talk about the situation that affects young black men every day.

Trayvon died by the bullet. But how many other Trayvons are there out there…who die because they attend substandard schools; schools that treat them differently than the white children that are still there? As the latest study from the Yale Center for the Study of the Child reports:

 Black boys receive less attention, harsher punishments, and lower grades in school than their White counterparts.This trend persists from kindergarten all the way through college, regardless of socioeconomic status.

How many Trayvons die—not by the bullet but by the book—because of the educational realities of this country?

How many Trayvons die through the misapplication of “justice” in the American criminal justice system? Where one-in-three black men under the age of 40 is in jail/prison, on parole or on probation? Where, if you’re black and convicted of a non-violent drug offense, you get harsher sentences than whites convicted of the same crime?

How many Trayvons die just because they were born black? 



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