To Be Young, Gifted, Black…and Dead

So let’s flip the situation around…George Zimmerman is black and Trayvon Martin is white/Latino/Asian/anything other than black walking down the street with his Skittles and drink. Trayvon ends up dead after George Zimmerman runs after him and shots him. Does anybody really think that George Zimmerman would still be out on the street with his gun?

I don’t have children…but I do have a father, cousins, friends and ex-boyfriends. And when a situation like this happens all I can think is, “that could have been [Darius/Reggie/Chris/Andre/etc.].”

How much is a black life worth when a person can shot you dead because you look “suspicious” for no other reason than the fact that you were walking on the sidewalk to your house with a box of Skittles and a Coke? How much is a black life worth when “stand your ground” is somehow being interpreted as running after somebody because “those a******* always get away with it”?

Trayvon Martin was young, gifted and black. He’s now been dead almost a month. He died exactly 3 weeks after his 17th birthday. Yet the man who gunned him down is still able to walk the streets and have his gun. Is there any justice in that?


4 thoughts on “To Be Young, Gifted, Black…and Dead

  1. I can see why the Feds are concerned they might not be able to prosecute as a Hate crime. I don’t know why the local cops aren’t treating it as a regular shooting.

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