A Question For Those Who Plan To Attend Justice GA

Do you know what liberation theology is? and how much of it have you read?


2 thoughts on “A Question For Those Who Plan To Attend Justice GA

  1. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

    I know what it is, indeed I took a course on it in college during my brief flirtation with theology classes. I read some Ellacuria, I read some Martin-Baro, truth be told very little of it stuck, probably because my suburban Presbyterian background made it unlikely that any of the seeds my professor dropped would hit fertile ground.

    That said, a major focus of Justice GA is educating those who attend. Though I’m attending 5 percent because I care about justice and 95 percent because one of my close buddies is on the planning committee and I’ve got her back for five days of what will likely be constant complaining from all sides, I suspect I will come away knowing more.

    But it is never to soon to start learning. Assume I’m a complete Liberation Theology newbie. Where should I start? What should I read?


  2. None-because I have a job that requires actual knowledge, not a job for which you hope that they’ll write a grant application or there will be enough in an old endowment to pay you the middle/upper middle class salary so increasingly rare in religion.
    I got a life; here’s hoping you will too.

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