Since This Is Black History Month…

Let’s see how many people can name one non-living (deceased) African-American Unitarian Universalist.


13 thoughts on “Since This Is Black History Month…

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  2. You didn’t say ‘minister,’ so: George Bray. He was an active member of what is now Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church in Racine, WI, and active in civil rights issues back in the day. Their RE space, George Bray Hall, is named for him.

  3. It occurs to me know that if you are specifically looking for African American Unitarian Universalists you are limiting your search to post merger African Americans, and not pre-merger Unitarian or Universalists. It also occurs to me that the minister whose name escapes me was not a Unitarian in that the AUA refused to allow him and his church to join the AUA.

    • I wasn’t trying to limit myself to just post-merger people. And since I asked for someone who is deceased, the likelihood is that the ones people would know about are all going to be pre-merger.

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