Staying In 1952 Leaves Some Of Us Out…or Is It Time To Bury Sunday School pt. 4

C’mon now…give a sista a little credit. I do know that the MFC list does have other religious education reading besides Fahs. But take a look at most of what that list is…curricula. Now…I’m a big fan of curricula (and lament the paucity of curricula for adults)…but…

It would help if we had a little THEORY with our curricula. You know, educational theory…human development theory…systems theory…all those things that actually go into making curricula.

Not to mention…if we stay with 1950s theory that leaves a whole lot of people out. For all of our talk about trying to be AR/AO/MC, where is the reading that talks about cross cultural religious education? Where’s the reading about religious education with adults over 35?

If the model that we’re going to stick with is Today’s Children and Yesterday’s Heritage then I see a whole bunch of problems that are going to have to be addressed.


6 thoughts on “Staying In 1952 Leaves Some Of Us Out…or Is It Time To Bury Sunday School pt. 4

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  2. I remeber quite a bit of RE theory in my M.Div, and some of it was from the MFC Reading list. However, we can not expect that the MFC reading list will contain every work necessary for an M.Div, nor every work necessary to be an effective and qualified minister. The MFC does not replace the necessity of a ATS certified Master of Divinity.

    The MFC reading list should focus on what is UU specific, that a student might not get attending a non-UU school (and even a UU school, at times.

    Otherwise, we will have the ever expanding scope of the MFC, and we might as well give up having a M.Div and just let the MFC manage all of our ministerial educations…

    Oh, the horror…

    Yours in faith,


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