Sadie Hawkins Thoughts

So we were sitting in our Bibical Narrative class this afternoon, and in talking about “archaic” Israelite practice our prof. mentioned Green Stamps. Green Stamps!! Remember those??? (we still had some at our house a couple of years ago) What was interesting was that there were a couple of people in the room who didn’t get the reference. Just imagine trying to explain Green Stamps to someone who never saw them. The best we could come up with was Frequent Flyer miles.

This has got me to thinking about other things that probably don’t create the same picture as they used to. Hence Sadie Hawkins. Does any school still do Sadie Hawkins dances anymore? I haven’t heard of one in years.

So what from your “golden” days isn’t around anymore (or not around in the same way) that you think should be?

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