What Would You Do?…or Looking For An Internship

What would you do if I sang out of tune…would you stand up and walk out on me…lend me your ear and I’ll sing you a song…I will try not to sing out-of-key…

Yes…I feel like I’m in a “Wonder Years” episode.

So there are two UU students here at ESR that are supposed to be heading into internships next academic year. And of course, both of us are facing problems.

What happens when you financially can’t do a two-year part-time internship (which a lot of churches seem to be moving to) can’t move to California (which is where a lot of the internships next year are) or have some other geographic limitation? That is the situation that the two of us are in and we’re struggling to find an answer.

One of us is considering forgetting about going for fellowship at all and doing her Supervised Ministry in a different area of concentration. The other of us is thinking that if all else fails, she can go home and be a “student minister” at her home church, thus fulfilling her school requirement for Supervised Ministry and putting off doing a UU internship until the congregational prospects look better. I won’t tell you which of the two I am, but I am one of them.

So the question becomes what would you do if you’re looking for an internship placement and the prospects don’t look that good? That’s the question for the two of us are looking at.

ahh….the joys of studying for the ministry.


3 thoughts on “What Would You Do?…or Looking For An Internship

  1. Have you tried contacting churches in the area directly? I was unable to move for an internship, so I contacted all the UU churches in my home congregation’s “cluster” that had a minister in final fellowship and asked about internship. I didn’t get an internship on my first try – had to wait another year – but I ended up in a great, healthy congregation with a supportive and challenging supervisor the next year. Good luck…

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