Michael Vick

I’m a pro-football fan. Have been since I was little. And I’ve always paid attention to black quarterbacks. So naturally that means that I’ve followed Michael Vick for a while.

Not to offend those of you who are PETA people, but I’m going to ask this question. Why shouldn’t Michael Vick be able to play football again?

I guess my bigger question is this…..what makes a dog more important than a person? Yes, Michael Vick was convicted of running a dog fighting ring. However, “Big Ben”, Ben Roethlisberger, has been accused of rape and I don’t hear anybody saying that he shouldn’t play pro-football. Kobe Bryant was on trial for rape, and I don’t remember hearing one peep that he shouldn’t be playing pro-basketball. And it’s a routine occurrence to hear of pro-sportsmen beating their partner/spouse/girlfriend/date. Yet nobody says that they should not play the sports that they play.

So explain it to me…..do something to a dog….you are irredeemable and should not be able to earn a living. Rape or beat the woman in your life…..no problem, it was all her fault anyway.

5 thoughts on “Michael Vick

  1. Remember that Kobe was acquited, and Ben has not been tried yet. But my feeling is that if they pay their debt in full, that ends it- reset; they can play again. My complaint is that usually, the celebrity- whether because of their celebrity, or merely because they’re rich- gets off. Vick didn’t, he paid, now he can come back. The exception would be crimes directly relating to the sport, such as gambling, game fixing, cheating, etc.

  2. Yeah, to me also part of the difference is that Vick was convicted. At the same time, I don’t care in a “shouldn’t be allowed” sense, but I am very disinclined to want to cheer him on or attend one of his games. (As I’ve done in the past since he used to play for VA Tech and I live in VA.) But I’m a Skins fan, so it’s not like I would likely be buying tickets to an Eagles game anyway.

    To me, it is comparable to the people who are boycotting Whole Foods because their CEO wrote an op-ed criticizing Obama’s health plan in the Wall Street Journal. They aren’t saying he shouldn’t be allowed to express his opinion, but they are disinclined to support a company whose CEO uses his fame to publicize those views.

  3. You have to look beyond the football and look at the man and his family. What he did was terrible and he was punished for it. Now that he is out of prison what should we expect? I like to look at the following quote by one of footballs most moral and honest coaches, Tony Dungy, in talking about Vick.

    Dungy left football to minister to men in prison and council them especially if they did not have a positive father figure in their lives. After meeting with Vick the said, “I firmly believe Michael deserves a second chance in life. I understand how appalling dog fighting is, and in no way do I condone it. But he was given a punishment that the court deemed appropriate, and now he exits prison having paid for that crime. It’s time to let him bounce back after that loss. If we are willing to forgive Michael and take an honest look at the person who is leaving that prison, we might be surprised at what we see. We might see a man who says “I’m sorry” with his actions and not just his words.”

    Should we celebrate Vicks crime? No, but that does not mean we should punish him forever for something that he has paid for and continues to pay for the rest of his life.

    I look forward to see what he is going to do with his life on and off the field. I hope the successes he has in football pale in comparison to the life he leads with his children, family, and the community at large.

  4. I have to admit, hearing that Dungy supports giving Vick a second chance has caused me to rethink this one in Vick’s favor. As for Roethlisberger, I’m withholding judgment until a verdict is reached.

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