Body Theology….or, Beyond Sermon #3

I haven’t talked about the last sermon I’m going to do for my preaching class in a while so I thought I would give an update.

There will be two readings that I will work with. One is 2 Samuel 6. The other is “Let Me Die Laughing.”  While on the face of it those two don’t seem to have much in common, they actually do if one asks the right questions of the Hebrew scripture passage.

Anyway, while I was doing some research on the 2 Samuel passage I figured out that I had been working on something in my mind for more than a year without realizing it……a theology of the body. Just what I needed. <not>

So every once in a while you’ll probably see a post whose topic is body theology. They won’t start until after my May term class, but I’m already gathering my list of books to read in my open time this summer. If you have a book recommendation, let me know.


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