Devil In A Sweatsuit….or, Dreams of “Onward Christian Soldiers”

So today while planning the music for tomorrow’s programmed worship , one of the songs that I chose was Forward Through The Ages. Then the thought occurred to me that the song might not be familiar to this Quaker population, even though it’s in their hymnal.

I asked one of the people on the committee if she’s ever sung it, and she asks me to give her the tune. The first words out of my mouth are, “Think Onward Christian Soldiers.” Well, she did know that song, so she was able to see where I was thinking of going (at least with the music).

Then a devilish thought came into my mind, “We so need to sing Onward Christian Soldiers here.” I can even picture where it would be sung. And haven’t been able to stop laughing since.

Singing Onward Christian Soldiers at a peace school. Isn’t that a great thought? 🙂


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