John Hope Franklin, 1915-2009

For those of us for whom African American history is a special research interest, John Hope Franklin is a big name.

Dr. Franklin died this morning at Duke University Medical Center.

It is a great loss.

Born right outside of Tulsa in 1915, Dr. Franklin many times told the story of the race riots that happened in Tulsa in 1921. He was one of the last surviving witnesses to it.

A graduate of Fisk University, Dr. Franklin received his Ph.D from Harvard in 1941.

During his long career Dr. Franklin taught at Howard University, the University of Chicago and Duke University, where he was named Professor Emeritus in 1985.

Dr. Franklin was an avid gardener, with a special passion for orchids.

Rest in peace Dr. Franklin, rest in peace.


3 thoughts on “John Hope Franklin, 1915-2009

  1. Thank for posting this, I otherwise would not have know that John Hope Franklin passed away. Certainly there was nothing about it that made the various media outlets that impinge upon me during the day.

  2. His passing was announced on Morning Edition on NPR. They also discussed his involvment in ending segregation, his civil rights marchs and his firsts as an African American.

    He was a man whose accomplishments brought our country a greater understanding of itsself, by his revealing greater truths about our history.

    In a world where so many are losing their understanding of how important history is, his loss is strongly felt.

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