Going On The “City of New Orleans”

Hello all.

I’ve been quiet recently doing actual work. After Spring Break I should be back online.

In the meantime, I’m off to New Orleans for a rebuilding trip with Gulf Coast Volunteers for the Long Haul.  If you’ve never heard of them you can go to their website at http://www.longhaulvolunteers.org .

Take care.


2 thoughts on “Going On The “City of New Orleans”

  1. Let us know how the ride was if you are *really* taking “The City of New Orleans” or the equivalent AMTRAK train. I very much enjoyed taking the “California Zephyr” from Emeryville (Oakland) to Chicago in late August 2006. I then took the train from Chicago to NYC and then NYC back to Montreal. In all it was a quite scenic six day trip from the Bay Area to Montreal. I hope to do it again in the other direction soon. In fact I plan to buy a month long AMTRAK pass and ride the rails all over the U.S.A. within the next two or three years. Have a great trip however you go.

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