Let’s Talk Pre-School…..or The Costs of Education part 5

One of my dearest friends, Kate, wrote a comment on the one of my earlier posts in this thread and brought up the subject of preschool.  And I think she has a point.  Kate says:

I paid approximately $500 a month for my daughter to go to preschool full-time.

$500 x 12 = $6000 a year.

If you think college is expensive, try daycare. :)

And Kate now has a new baby.  So when the baby goes into daycare the price will be higher because it’s a baby. (Kate’s oldest child is now in school) And I’m not even going to go into the fact that Kate is paying law school tuition.

So let’s talk pre-school and/or daycare.  Why is the US the only country in the “industrialized” world where childcare puts parents in no-win situations?

More later.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Pre-School…..or The Costs of Education part 5

  1. Because we know that everybody has great big bootstraps–and the laws of physics allow us to pull ourselves up and off the ground by pulling on them hard.

  2. Comment number 1 is pretty funny. The first time I read it quickly and thought it was by some dreadfull conservative, and then I read it again and got the joke.

    It is true that the Europeans are way ahead of us on social issues. Maybe when republican registration goes down to 2% of the voters we will actually be able to do something.

    best wishes

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