No Shit Sherlock part 2, or What Are We?

I’ve been reading and re-reading the blog posts and comments related to the newest discussion of the IA issue and a thought came to my mind……

Why is all the focus on the social justice issues IAs?  There were other IAs out there. And I find the mistreatment of the theologically-based IAs extremely disheartening.

 So the question becomes…..what are we? Are we the ACLU (or Federalist Society for those on other side of the spectrum) with the occasional prayer thrown in? Or are we a religious group that does social justice work? Those are two very different kinds of communities and it would be a good thing if there was some clarification of who and what we are.

Back to work. More later, maybe.


3 thoughts on “No Shit Sherlock part 2, or What Are We?

  1. My observation is that the people who think the IAs should go or think that it’s no big deal are focusing on the social justice IAs, while those who want to keep the IAs are very much focusing on the religious ones.

  2. By coincidence, earlier today I watched episode three of “The American Future – a History” with Simon Schama. (BTW, it’s excellent and available on Netflix.)

    Schama tells of Oberlin College’s early years, when its president – evangelical and deeply religious Charles Finney – thundered for slavery’s abolition; and of the black church being the wellspring of the 20th century’s civil rights movement.

    He interviews Fanny Lou Hamer’s daughter, Virgie, who says that Hamer’s connection to her religion and its music propelled her activism for voting rights justice. (Another coincidence: Virgie invited my partner and me into her home in 1998, when we stopped to take a picture of this place where her mother had lived, in Ruleville, Mississippi.)

    You get the idea from these stories and Schama’s interviews with the current minister of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta and with a young, religious campaign worker for Barack Obama that faith and activism for justice don’t have to be separated; in fact, they can strengthen each other.

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