The Pill Is Polluting The Environment?????

I know I said that my next post was going to be part 3 on the costs of education, but the AP wire has a story that there is a new Vatican report that the Pill is causing pollution to the environment through female urine and, at the same time, is the cause of some male infertility.

Now I understand that the Roman Catholic Church is against artificial birth control, but how do they explain that the world population continues to grow at significant rates?

6 thoughts on “The Pill Is Polluting The Environment?????

  1. Oy vey. But the whole range of estrogen mimickers aren’t worthy of worrying about?

    Mote, beam, eye–that’s where to file this one.

  2. How about the whole range of pharmaceuticals that, one way or another, find their way into the environment? The fact remains that, regardless of their motivation, the environmental concerns that the Vatican has shared about the Pill would appear to have some validity.

  3. I have problem with the choice of the word pollute. I think it would be one thing to say that pharmaceuticals, of all types, do AFFECT the environment around it. To pollute is a particular action.

    Aside from that, I have a real problem with the emphasis on female hormones as if they are something bad. Where are the studies about male hormones and their effects? There seems to be a slant in the research that bothers me. (this is not to say that I think the research about the effects of female hormones is invalid)

    But I’m always looking at motives.

  4. Only some of the hormones were synthetic.

    The others were naturally-occurring ones.

    The more women there are, the more naturally-occurring hormones there will be.

    The more people there are, the more women there will be.

    The less contraception there is, the more people there will be.

    Therefore, the solution is to figure out how to get the hormones out of the water.

    Because otherwise, the fish are screwed either way.


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