When Nude Is Not Your Color

Bah humbug all. I’m not a Christmas person (Ash Wednesday, Lent and Good Friday are much more interesting and important to me), so during this holiday lull, I thought I would write about the things that have absolutely nothing to do with religion or politics. So I’ll do this first post about shopping.

I’m looking to buy a few clothes before I head back to Indiana. And, as most women know, at some point when looking at clothes one has to look at their intimate apparel.

One of the things I hadn’t thought about in a while is the naming of colors. And I think of it even less when shopping for clothes because for one company “bisque” could be an orange but for another company “bisque” could be a yellow.

“Nude” is a different story.  Across the board it seems to be the same shade of beige. Yet it doesn’t match my skin tone at all. Or my mother’s. Or most of the women that I know. We get words like “coffee” or “toffee”.  And sometimes “suntan” will match those of lighter brown skin tones.

So what should one do when “nude” is not your color? And why haven’t fashion designers become as enlightened as cosmetics companies and expanded their selection of skin-toned colors?

One thought on “When Nude Is Not Your Color

  1. I suppose that the “honest” labeling might be a range, labeled something like:

    Irish, English, French, Spanish, Italian/Lebanese/Egyptian…

    Still not accurate, but…

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