Is There Something Wrong With Being Protestant?

iMinister has listed the proposed topics that are up for discussion at the Summit on Ministerial Excellence.  You can see the list here.  I’m sure that I’ll have a further comment on the list later, but this one really popped out at me.

10. How we train UU ministers (not protestant ministers with a difference)

Excuse me but aren’t Unitarianism and Universalism protestant theologies?  Did somebody send out a memo and I didn’t get a copy of it?

So how do you train UU ministers without training them as protestant?  Isn’t that a bit oxymoronic?


3 thoughts on “Is There Something Wrong With Being Protestant?

  1. That comment got my dander up, too, not so much because contemporary Unitarian Universalism still pretends to promote the theological positions encapsulated in our name, but because the sociology of our churches is so very much like the liberal mainline Protestant churches. We can be weird, but the UU clergy I know well are not so very unlike the Protestant clergy I know well.

    Yet there is a faction of UUs that aspires to be sui generis, or, as PeaceBang likes to put it, “terminally unique.”

    Then again, I attended Harvard Div in part because my education would be shaped in an ecumenical and interfaith context rather than in the pressure-cooker of “denominational identity [politics].”

  2. Kim

    UUs who relate to liberal protestant theologies need to have a very thick skin. I was in a UU group a few months ago discussing “why are you a UU”, and the level of dislike for such views was pretty intense.

    I flunked religion along time ago, so this kind of thing does not bother me too much.

    Best wishes

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