The Matter of Free Will……Augustine and Calvin

ok….this is for all the people who have spent more time with Theology than I have.

How does Calvin’s concept of “total depravity” jive with the Augustinian concept of free will? Now I must confess that I have not read all everything of Augustine, so maybe it’s in something that I haven’t read. And I haven’t read all of the Institutes either, so maybe I’m not understanding total depravity the way I should.  That said, if one believes that humans are totally depraved, doesn’t that eliminate free will?

More later.


One thought on “The Matter of Free Will……Augustine and Calvin

  1. Hi

    With respect to getting accurate information on various topics:

    It pains me to say anything good about Microsoft, but their Encarta encyclopedia is wonderful, and actually has large amounts of material on religion. All of the articles are written by topic authorities, and, unlike the web, Encarta actually has editors. Encarta is relatively inexpensive, and its user interface is excellent – perhaps my lifetime favorite computer program user interface.

    Then again, you are young and probably have been using tools like Encarta for years. When I was in school we did not have computers.

    Best wishes

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